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Terex’s new Generation 7 ADTs provide up to 17% more engine power

Terex have launched a brand new range of Generation 7 articulated dumptrucks designed to provide higher productivity at lower cost. With payload capacities of 23, 25 and 28 tonnes, respectively, the new TA25, TA27 and TA30 are said to offer more power and more torque from their new, electronically managed, emissions-certified engines, matched with new RPC (Rotational Pressure Control) automatic transmissions for optimal performance. In addition, a sophisticated drivetrain and ground-hugging suspension, coupled with a high-performance braking system, place the new machines among the most versatile and productive trucks on the market today, say Terex.

All three Generation 7 ADTs are equipped with Tier 2 emissions-certified engines. Both the TA25 and TA27 are powered by Cummins’ electronically managed QSC and QSL engines, which deliver 280hp in the TA25 and 330hp in the TA27. The TA30 features the well-proven QSM11 engine which is rated at 350hp and provides 17% more power. All the engines are tuned to provide high levels of torque, resulting in rapid acceleration and the ability to operate in particularly arduous conditions. In addition, the engine-management system optimizes fuel consumption and increases reliability.

The trucks are also fitted with smooth-shifting RPC transmissions with integral torque converters, with six forward and three reverse gears. The normal transmission operation is fully automatic but a manual override function can be readily selected should full control need to be temporarily regained under certain operating conditions. The TA30 features a powerful hydraulic retarder which provides safe and controlled retardation and minimizes wear on the service brakes, while the two smaller machines are fitted with an effective exhaust brake for operation in demanding applications.

The new Generation 7 braking system, which has 50% more braking area for superior stopping power, features full hydraulic actuation and high-performance twin calipers on all six wheels. The robustly built and reliable hydraulic actuation system reduces regular servicing requirements and eliminates the need for the daily draining of air tanks, while the high-specification brake calipers operate at relatively low pressure, thereby greatly reducing brake wear rates. For safety, the braking system features two separate circuits, however should the pressure in both circuits fail at the same time, an automatic emergency brake function is activated through application of the parking brake.

Service needs on the new machines have been kept to a minimum thanks to the 5,000h maintenance-free, higher-capacity drivelines and the elimination of air-related component servicing. In addition, engine service intervals have been doubled and water and fuel filter intervals have been increased fourfold. Moreover, the little amount of maintenance that is required has been made safer and simpler with ground-level access to the engine filters, while indicator lamps warn the operator when periodic servicing is due.

The new, larger dump bodies on the Generation 7 machines, which are of a rugged flat-plate design and made from impact-resistant high-strength steel, allow each new model to carry an extra tonne of payload. When dumping, the high hinge point, dual-slope tailchute and tapered sides ensure the controlled release of the load. At the same time, a spill-guard effectively protects the pivot area from material spills. The trucks’ two double-acting hoist cylinders and new dumping hydraulics feature higher hydraulic pressure and greater oil flow for increased efficiency.

Catering for operator comfort and safety, the newly designed Generation 7 operator’s cab provides more space and legroom, with a large glass area for an all-round field of vision. Air-conditioning is fitted as standard and the wrap-around control layout has been designed to provide a more efficient ergonomic working environment to help reduce driver fatigue. Comfort is further enhanced by a fully adjustable, soft-touch steering wheel and an air-suspension seat with retractable lap belt, headrest and armrests. A footrest is fitted for additional comfort and security, while the passenger seat incorporates a fold-down lunch table and stowage box. Other driver conveniences include a pull-down sunblind, an overhead document shelf and cup holders.

Terex UK Ltd, The Cape, Warwick CV34 5DR; tel: (01926) 707500; fax: (01926) 707521; website:

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