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ZoneSafe release rechargeable proximity tag

USB charger and tag

Rechargeable tag offers up to 10 years of usage for cost-effective pedestrian safety at industrial sites

PROXIMITY warning system manufacturers ZoneSafe have released a rechargeable version of their standard detection tag.

Working to health and safety requirements, ZoneSafe proximity warning and alert systems reduce collision risks and help prevent accidents to people and assets on work sites.

The new rechargeable tag has the ability to be charged using a wireless charger. The battery can be completely recharged within two hours and lasts up to three months between charges.

ZoneSafe uses active radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to create detection zones around vehicles, assets, crossing points and walkways. ZoneSafe tags do not require line of sight and are detected regardless of obstructions, blind spots or poor visibility.

Active tags can be worn by personnel, fitted to assets or set up around hazards. Tags are identified by the system when they enter the detection zone. This triggers an audible visual alert, warning vehicle operators of the tag’s close proximity to the vehicle.

In addition to ZoneSafe’s existing pedestrian tags, which have a lifespan of up to three years, the new rechargeable tags offer up to 10 years of usage, making rechargeable tags a cost-effective solution for any work sites that use industrial vehicles.

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