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Weir Minerals launch the Cavex 2

Cavex 2 hydrocyclone

New hydrocyclone range said to deliver step-change in operational performance and sustainability

ACCORDING to Weir Minerals, the launch of Cavex 2 marks a new generation of hydrocyclones with newly designed geometric features that offer a step change in performance and sustainability.

‘Our Cavex 1 design set an industry benchmark over two decades ago with its unique 360° laminar spiral inlet geometry, which significantly reduced turbulence,’ said Debra Switzer, global product manager for hydrocyclones at Weir Minerals.

‘Following years of research, development and trials, we have improved upon this design with the creation of the LIG+ inlet and chamber design, which produces a more stabilized flow pattern, further reduces turbulence and friction throughout the hydrocyclone, and provides up to 30% additional capacity.’

The advanced LIG+ design (patent pending) allows Cavex 2 hydrocyclones to classify more feed slurry whilst occupying the same footprint as competitor hydrocyclones, thereby allowing operators to achieve more throughput with fewer hydrocyclones.

The new design has taken into consideration the shape and angle of the hydrocyclone to ensure particles report to the correct stream, thus reducing recirculation and misclassification, and improving separation efficiency.  

Cavex 2 takes advantage of Weir Minerals’ Synertrex IIoT technology, which enhances the overall performance of the hydrocyclone. With this technology, operators are automatically alerted to roping or blockage conditions, ensuring that the hydrocyclone always runs under optimal operating conditions.

‘To minimize the amount of bypass that is produced in any hydrocyclone, it is favourable for it to operate in the semi-roping condition,’ explained Ms Switzer. ‘This is often difficult to do continuously because any upset in the hydrocyclone’s feed conditions could move it into the roping condition, but with Synertrex this balancing act can be closely managed.’

Cavex 2 hydrocyclones can be customized to suit almost any application, with a variety of spigots, vortex finders and liners.

Liners, which are available in a range of material options, including Weir Minerals’ proprietary R55 rubber compound or Linatex premium rubber, can be replaced via a ‘snap-in’ system which requires no adhesive, while smaller models (400CVD and below) are available with moulded fibreglass housings.

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