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Vehicle safety first for Grundon

Labcraft Banksman lights

Waste-management firm fits new Labcraft Banksman manoeuvring lights to its HGV fleet 

GRUNDON are fitting a new vehicle lighting system to their HGV fleet for improved visibility during night time work. Designed and supplied by Labcraft, the Banksman light is positioned on each side of the vehicle chassis and produces a bright light around the truck when reverse gear is engaged to maintain safety. 

‘So far we’ve fitted the Banksman to 130 waste vehicles and front-end loaders,’ said Anthony Tattersall, regional operations manager for Grundon. ‘They operate at around 100 locations each day and often in poor light or darkness, where they are reversing up to 70% of the time. Our objective, therefore, was to find a solution which would allow drivers to see as clearly as possible and thus reduce accident risk.’

The Banksman lighting system projects a white light at an 90 angle from the vehicle sides on to the surrounding area and illuminates up to 30 sq m. The high-intensity Cree LED lamp is also waterproof, hard wearing and guaranteed by Labcraft for 10 years.

‘The return on investment is a no brainer,’ commented Mr Tattersall. ‘This degree of close-quarter vision produced by just two lights on each vehicle not only improves safety but also reduces downtime and repair costs going forward. The system is easy and quick to retrofit which, again, means minimum time off the road.’

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