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Temporary reversing aid

Vision Techniques have introduced a temporary reversing aid system which offers a low-cost mobile CCTV solution to the problem of meeting legislation requirements for quarry plant and equipment. The system can provide a fast, simple solution in the event of vehicle breakdown when another vehicle is temporarily brought into the fleet, or when outside contractors not normally requiring rear vision are visiting hazardous sites where reversing aids are a legal requirement.

The temporary reversing aid can be built around any of the colour or monochrome mobile CCTV cameras and monitors available from Vision Techniques. The camera is mounted on a powerful magnetic base that is conveniently attached to the rear of the vehicle, while the monitor is attached to a high-power limpet suction pad that provides a firm mount on the inside of the cab's windscreen. The system can be installed and ready for use in a couple of minutes; the camera cable is simply connected to the monitor and the power lead is plugged into the vehicle's dashboard cigarette lighter socket. The system is supplied with a carrying case for easy storage when not in use.

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