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Tarmac ePOD system roll-out complete


Innovative electronic proof-of-delivery process introduced across company’s entire UK delivery fleet

TARMAC have transformed their logistics capabilities and the efficiency of their delivery processes with the successful roll out of an innovative digital delivery tracking system.

The company’s new automated Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) process has now been introduced nationally across its entire 1,900-strong fleet of UK vehicles. The paperless ticketing technology improves customer experience by providing real-time tracking and live status updates for jobs in progress, delivering productivity and efficiency benefits.

As well as allowing customers to track orders online and receive instant delivery notifications via smart devices, it provides Tarmac with visibility of their fleet 24h a day, seven days a week, and relays live GPS tracking information to the company’s network of weighbridges and concrete plants to optimize planning.

Martin Riley, senior-vice president of Tarmac, said: ‘ePOD has improved the experience for all involved in our delivery processes, allowing us to provide greater traceability, efficiency and visibility for all of our materials deliveries.

‘Our customers have been extremely positive about this new technology, as they are able to benefit from knowing exactly where their deliveries are and when they are due.

‘We are the first in our industry to successfully roll out this type of system into our working practices. Already, more than 98% of our deliveries are made using ePOD, helping us to manage the 3.5 million delivery tickets we handle every year.’

Tarmac say the innovation is also delivering benefits to their customers across the country, enhancing productivity at major national firms and regional businesses.

Jodi Brown, buyer at GGK Contracts Scotland, said: ‘Our site teams rely on getting the right materials at the right time. Tarmac’s ePOD has taken the guesswork out of deliveries, helping us to plan and execute jobs more efficiently.

‘For instance, there’s no need to waste time on the phone to check when a load will arrive or chase a missing receipt. The electronic record also means we can process deliveries in the central office a week earlier than we could with paper tickets.’

The ePOD application, developed by cloud software solution company PODFather, provides all of Tarmac’s UK and subcontractor fleet with detailed information about their current and next job via an application on their mobile devices.

Customers can log in to a portal to access records of all ticketing information, including details, dates and times of signatories, routing information and a chronological log of each delivery.

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