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Summer promotion from Svantek

Svantek noise and vibration dosimeter

Company offers 15% discount on its personal noise and vibration dosimeter range

UNTIL September 2016, Bedford-based Svantek UK are offering a 15% discount on their range of noise and vibration dosimeters for occupational health and safety monitoring, including the SV104 personal noise meter and SV103 personal vibration meter.

The SV104 is the world’s first personal noise meter to offer octave-band analysis for helping to select hearing protection, full audio recording, and a colour OLED screen that displays information in both text and graphical form. The cable-free instrument is easily attached to the operator’s shoulder, close to the ear, using assorted mounting clips.

The device also incorporates an easily calibrated and virtually indestructible MEMS microphone and integrated tri-axial accelerometer for vibration shock detection. Measurement data are safely stored in the device’s large 8GB memory and it is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries or through its USB interface, which also allows easy connection between the SV104 and a PC.

The world’s first personal vibration dosimeter to accurately measure the vibration dose received by the operator, the Svantek SV103, is said to be the only instrument on the market to take into account grip/contact force, which greatly reduces measurement uncertainty.

The small, rugged SV103 easily attaches to the user’s arm, while the lightweight MEMs accelerometer straps to the hand. The instrument also features a colour OLED screen and data can be quickly downloaded to a PC for analysis and easy reporting.

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