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SRC Aggregates upgrade fleet with new Bell ADTs

Bell B30E dumptruck

Essex-based quarry operator replaces old B30Ds with next-generation B30E articulated dumptrucks

SRC Aggregates have upgraded their machinery fleet by replacing their old Bell B30D articulated dumptrucks with three brand new B30E machines. The B30Ds had proven reliable and productive for the company’s quarrying division but were ready for replacement.

Having had such a positive experience of both Bell and the abilities of the B30Ds, the team at SRC Aggregates felt confident that their fleet would be further advanced if the older machines were replaced with the state-of-the-art, next-generation B30E.


Oliver Rees, managing director of SRC Aggregates, commented: ‘We’re proud of the positive track record we’ve established within the construction, building and civil projects industries. It’s a reputation we’re keen to retain and enhance, so by investing in replacement equipment that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds expectations, we’re continuing our customer commitment in offering the very best service possible.’

SRC Aggregates have several established quarries within their portfolio, producing sand, shingle, ballast, topsoil, limestone and granite. Arduous quarrying conditions require machinery that is fit for purpose, and with its modern, high-performance diesel engine, the B30E ADT has been specifically designed for this type of environment, delivering power, optimum fuel economy and the latest in on-board technology.

The B30E also features on-board weighing as standard, and [email protected] – a desktop management system capable of creating up-to-date operational data to aid fleet efficiency. These design features are already proving invaluable, as the trucks chosen by SRC Aggregates have been put to work stripping overburden and hauling ballast from the quarry to the processing plant.

‘We are getting a great payload from our three new Bell machines already,’ said Mr Rees. ‘Not only did we find the machines to be competitively priced, but they are also proving themselves to be exceptional workhorses, which is absolutely essential in a quarry.’

Nick Learoyd, managing director of Bell Equipment UK, said: ‘The B30E is working proof of how our ADTs are evolving in terms of physical capability and technological advancement. They are powerful machines, purposefully designed to deliver a consistently reliable performance in the dustiest and most demanding of working environments. We’re confident that these industrious machines will continue to deliver for SRC Aggregates – both now and long into the future.’

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