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SonoLab instant-fit custom-moulded earplugs

SonoLab earplugs

New hearing-protection system instantly creates custom-moulded earplugs for perfect individual fit

A COMPANY dedicated to eradicating noise-induced hearing loss has launched a revolutionary new product which allows employers to create a pair of custom-moulded plugs for an individual employee in just six minutes.

SonoLab instant-fit custom-moulded earplugs are said to provide the high protection and comfort of custom-moulding, with none of the waiting. They are designed for noisy working environments and may be used alongside SonoLab noise-attenuation testing software to test, document and prove that an employer is responsibly protecting employees from noise-induced hearing loss as a result of workplace noise.

Kevin Carvell, general manager at SonoLab, said: ‘We’ve focused the new brand to ensure that companies understand exactly how we can help them look after their employees, and save them time and money in both the short and long term. The health and safety of employee hearing is our top concern as noise-induced hearing loss is the most common industrial injury claim.’

Made from medical-grade silicone, SonoLab allows users to follow an easy process to create and fit the earplugs in six minutes, and wearers can start using the earplugs immediately. To watch a short video explaining the SonoLab system, click here.

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