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Screw-attached belt cleats

The new Tatch-A-Cleat Model HD2 mechanically attached conveyor belt cleats from Flexco are 50mm (2in) high for increased material handling productivity in heavy-duty applications. Compared with shorter cleats, HD2s can move larger items as well as greater quantities and loads at steeper inclines while requiring less floor space.

The cleats are moulded from high-tensile-strength SBR material for abrasion and impact resistance. The non-toxic material is flexible enough to trough naturally and to travel smoothly over return idlers when attached in curved or chevron patterns. They are rated for pulleys as small as 102mm (4in) in diameter.

The new, taller design features rounded top edges and bottom edges that are specially shaped to conform tightly against the belt's top cover during installation, sealing out dirt and moisture.

Fastened from the belt's underside with tapping screws and countersunk washers, attachable cleats allow standard belting to be easily customized with special cleat patterns and also provides a cost-effective way to replace broken or worn cleats on moulded belts. Spare cleats can be quickly installed on site using just a screwdriver, and no special training or expertise is needed. Standard 610mm (24in) long HD2 cleats are available in boxes of five with screw/washer sets, or individually in bulk quantities.

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