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Sandvik introduce CMS

New compressor management system (CMS) for blasthole rigs benefits environment and saves money

SANDVIK Mining and Construction have developed a new compressor management system (CMS) for blasthole drill rigs which, they say, will help the environment while saving money. The system works by managing the volume of air required at all times, so that the compressor runs at full volume only when needed. As a result, full productivity is delivered but with less expense on fuel and fewer emissions to the atmosphere.    

According to Sandvik, the CMS concept is simple and intuitive, using ‘intelligent’ implementation with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to significantly cut fuel consumption during tramming, set-up and pipe handling, with the added benefit of allowing for cool shutdowns of the drill. When drilling, the system delivers precise air volumes to meet flushing needs.

Sandvik say end results will depend on the drill, but the initial installation delivers total fuel savings of up to 40%. Moreover, reduced engine load also means lower service costs, higher rig utilization, longer engine and compressor lives, and infrastructure savings. CMS can also deliver carbon savings of up to 40% per year.

Drayton Coal Mine in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia, is an enthusiastic user of the new system. The mine is said to be achieving fuel savings of 48 litres/h, reducing the average engine load factor from 78% to 53%. Several recent shifts at the mine have even set productivity records while using CMS.

Sandvik say CMS will be an option on new Sandvik drills, starting with deliveries after 1 May 2011, but machines currently in the field can realize immediate benefits as CMS is also being offered as a retro-fit kit. Roll-out of the retro-fit system to all customers with low-pressure Sandvik blasthole machines began in Australia at the beginning of this month, with the rest of the world set to follow from 31 March 2011.


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