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Next-generation dredger named by CEMEX UK

CEMEX Go Innovation

Company names first new environmentally designed dredger CEMEX Go Innovation 

CEMEX UK have named their new marine dredger CEMEX Go Innovation. Currently under construction, the contract for the vessel – the first in the next generation of environmentally designed dredgers – was signed in January 2018 and delivery is scheduled for late 2019.

CEMEX Go Innovation is the perfect name for our new vessel,’ said Laurence Dagley, director of marine aggregates. ‘As a global company, we are embracing new technologies and innovations, pushing the boundaries.

‘Last year saw the launch of CEMEX Go, a digital customer platform to buy, track orders and pay for building materials, and a ‘first’ in our industry. This dredger is also a ‘first’ and includes many ground-breaking innovations in its design, so what better name.’

One of the major new innovations is the dredging system, which has no inboard pipework. All the pipework is external – something that has never before been incorporated in a vessel of this size.

Because of the corrosive nature of the material that is dredged, holes are a frequent occurrence in the extensive pipework. External pipework makes the system safer by reducing the risk of internal flooding and providing an easily accessible and more maintenance-friendly system. Maintenance will also be made easier and less costly with the help of an innovative on-board crane.

CEMEX Go Innovation has been designed to deliver major environmental savings, whilst also ensuring safety, performance and sustainability. The result is a dredger that will provide 25% more carrying capacity, nearly double the dredging depth and a 20% increase in discharge rate, compared with existing vessels.

Designed by Damen Shipyards Group of Rotterdam in collaboration with CEMEX Marine’s engineering team, CEMEX Go Innovation is currently being built at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania.

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