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New tracked excavator from Wacker Neuson

The new 14504 is the heavyweight model in Wacker Neuson’s compact range of excavators.

The hydraulics ensure that the machine can be manoeuvred with maximum sensitivity, and this is backed-up by double variable pumps with negative control adjustment. The pumps only deliver the exact quantity of hydraulic fluid required, so there is very little power loss. The hydraulics are spontaneously responsive and the aggregation functions for the boom arm and dipper stick cylinder ensure quicker working movements.

Measuring 2.79m in height and 2.49m in width, the 14504 weighs approximately 15-tonnes operating weight. Such a low tool height for an excavator of this weight class derives from the company’s design concept. One aspect of this is the positioning of the drive unit in the tail of the machine, the benefits of this are optimized weight distribution and low noise levels at the front and side areas. The main hydraulic components and slewing cylinder are positioned beside the cab, which has a direct effect on the tool height as well as offering good accessibility to the various servicing points.

The boom system has two side-mounted cylinders and a tail swing console that, together with a reduced front swing radius, provides good manoeuvrability in tight spaces when compared to machines with fixed booms. With it’s conventional dimensions and a tail overhang of 770mm, the excavator is capable of carrying a tipping load of 1,600kg over a span of 7m (measured at 90 degrees to the direction of travel) and digging to a depth of up to 5,500mm.

The excavator is powered by a Deutz 74.9kW (101.9hp) turbo-charged diesel engine that has a low-speed rating of 2,000 rev/min. To improve fuel economy the driver can choose between a maximum and a reduced pump flow rate. This reduces the flow rate from 126 l/min to approximately 95 l/min, allowing slow work manoeuvres to be fully implement via the joystick. With an additional three-stage tip switch, the driver can regulate the pump flow rate and hence the fuel consumption. Depending on requirements, three different settings are available: HIGH offers the maximum pump performance of 100%; ECO offers economical work cycles at 75% power; and LO is suitable for working slowly with sensitive handling.

The cab of the 14504 is roomy with air conditioning and opening side windows. The large, two-piece front windscreen allows the driver to fix both the lower and upper part of the windscreen beneath the cab roof, allowing a variety of opening options. Alongside the joystick on the right-hand side of the cab is the hydraulically controlled dozer blade lever and the well appointed control panel with large dashboard display and rotary potentiometer showing the engine revs/min.

Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH, Haidfeldstraße 37, A-4060 Leonding, Austria; tel: +43 (0)732 90590-225; fax: +43 (0)732 90590-200

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