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New roller from Dynapac

Dynapac's new roller, the CP132, features the company's 'compaction process control' - a modular ballast system comprising eight sealed boxes. These can be added or removed as necessary to give an accurate, easy and uniform tyre load which can be visually monitored. The roller is delivered from the factory with full ballast.

The 12.5-tonne CP132 is a nine-wheel (five front and four back) pneumatic-tyred machine. Its main application is asphalt compaction and sealing, but it can also be used for base, sub-base, soil and cement compaction. Powered by a Cummins 100hp diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission and direct-drive motors at the rear wheels, it has a rolling width of 1.76m with a tyre overlap of 13mm. All rear wheels are fitted with: hydrostatic brakes. The roller's pressurized sprinkler system comes with an electric pump and nozzles. A 480-litre water tank made of highly resistant plastic allows the roller to be used for long periods without refuelling.

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