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New product from Gillrange

Gillrange have introduced Expan 200, a conventional porous prill ammonium nitrate into which encapsulated gas bubbles (micro-spheres) have been added.

The addition of micro-spheres of a defined particle size allows the number of 'hot spots' to be controlled, thereby enhancing the detonation properties of the ANFO. The micro-spheres reduce and control the prill density to a predetermined level. Velocities of detonation are consistent throughout the length of the drill hole and the time to reach full velocity of detonation is reduced. This ensures that detonation at the toe of the charged hole is complete. Reduced overbreak and improved wall control are also achieved.

The compression pulse generated during detonation compresses the air bubbles in the explosive, resulting in extremely high temperatures or 'hot spots' which sustain and enhance the detonation propagation.

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