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New Lincoln grease injector from SKF

SKF Lincoln SL-6 injector

Latest SL-6 injector designed to raise productivity in harsh applications such as quarry plant and equipment

THE latest addition to SKF’s single-line lubricant injector range – the new Lincoln SL-6 injector – is said to contribute to increased productivity in arduous applications.

Designed for ease of use and maintenance, with outstanding leak protection and service life, even with harsh EP (extreme pressure) greases, the SL-6 can easily be retrofitted to existing single-line pump systems.


SKF product manager Jordan Butler explained: ‘With higher demands on productivity, less time for maintenance and low tolerance for unplanned stops, lubrication performance is an important key to machine performance. Reliable lubrication solutions are a must to get the uptime you have invested in.’

Innovations in the SL-6 are focused on supporting the harsh environments for which it is designed, including in dumptrucks, excavators and other mining, quarrying and construction equipment.

Quick maintenance features include a highly visible red indicator pin, an adjusting screw requiring only basic tools, and a hex-shaped body which maximizes working space, making it easy to handle and work with.

For optimally effective lubrication, its vent speed is said to be faster than that of any competitor. This is aided by a daisy-chain effect: as soon as each injector finishes venting, it helps the next one to complete its cycle by consuming grease from the main line.

Moreover, improved sealing reduces the risk of lubricant bypass. In the unlikely event of a failure, the injector’s closed structure channels bypass lubricant to the bearing. Repair is then possible by simply replacing two components.

Describing the benefits of automatic lubrication, Mr Butler said: ‘Lubricating manually takes extra time, requires the machine to be stopped, and tends to swing between wasteful initial over-greasing and, over time, damagingly low lubrication.

‘The SL-6 injector and SKF Lincoln lubrication system help customers to take a giant step toward increased productivity. With less maintenance, less time spent on manual greasing, reduced grease consumption and longer component life, customers will soon see a return on their investment.’


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