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New high-lift loader from Caterpillar

HAVING a full 24in (610mm) more dump clearance than its standard lift counterpartmachine, the 992K High-Lift can efficiently and productively load 100- and150-tonne capacity dumptrucks, such as the 777F and 785C, including 100-tonneunits with sideboards and fleets running variable sizes of trucks. In someapplications, this added lift height allows using the 992K rather than a largerloader.

Offeringgreater truck loading flexibility, the machine has a rated payload capacity of21 tonnes, while hinge-pin height at full lift is 24ft 9in (7,545 mm). Whenequipped with a 10.7 cubic metre bucket, dump clearance under the teeth (atfull height and 45° discharge angle) is 17ft2in (5,232 mm). Equipped with 11.5 cubic metre or 12.2 cubic metre buckets, the992K dump clearances are 16ft 11in (5,156 mm) and 16ft 9in (5,105 mm)respectively.

The992K High-Lift swings less weight than its predecessor, the 992G High-Lift.Front linkage design changes have reduced rated payload slightly but haveimproved pin casting and linkage durability significantly. For applicationsrequiring greater payload capacity, the standard linkage 992K has a rating of24 tonnes, and for applications requiring greater production, Caterpillaroffers the larger 993K with a payload rating of 27.5 tonnes for high lift and30 tonnes (27.2 t) for standard lift. 

Thedesign of the 992K High-Lift fabricated single-boom incorporates castings inhigh-stress areas for long-life durability. For easier maintenance management,the high-lift system shares a significant number of parts with the standardlift 992K, including lift and tilt cylinders, position sensor and harness,hydraulic lines and buckets.

Themachine is also equipped with exclusive Cat sleeve bearing pins, whicheliminate the need for daily greasing of the front linkage. In addition, the992K High-Lift features numerous improvements over the standard lift model.Boosting productivity is Positive Flow Control (PFC) hydraulics - the next generationof load-sensing hydraulics. Additional sensors at the pumps provide enhancedresponsiveness that the operator can feel and use.

Theloader design also emphasizes operator safety and comfort. A trainer seat isstandard equipment. The optional rearview camera increases the view behind themachine, as do the optional heated rearview mirrors.

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