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New Hercules HT182C heavy-duty trommel

HT182C trommel screen

Stelex Construction Equipment Ltd, suppliers of the original ‘Hercules’ range of heavy-duty trommels have launched the new HT182C heavy-duty trommel screen as part of their standard product range.

The company say that the HT182C gives an extra choice to the customer looking for a heavy-duty trommel at a reduced cost. The HT182C uses a chain drive system for the barrel rotation in place of the standard ‘live drive’ system that was introduced back in 2005. The ‘live drive’ system has been a huge success and extremely reliable but the reduced cost of the chain drive will make it an attractive alternative to customers on a tighter budget while still seeing the benefit of a heavy-duty trommel.

The company is committed to continuous product development and the HT182C includes many of these improved design features.

The HT182C still maintains the ‘heavy-duty’ tag and offers a range of hopper options, product chute options and barrel options to suit customers’ project requirements. 

The trommel is designed to be mounted on concrete walls or on a steel frame and the HT182C is suitable for all rip-rap, armour stone, cleaning and sizing projects. The length of the barrel can be designed to suit the project and the number of products required. Chutes can be added under the trommel to separate products or to feed a conveyor.

The reciprocating feeder is designed to prevent ‘bridging’ of large stone sizes and also prevent spillage. Liner plates are fitted to extend the life of the machine. Access is provided to the rear of the machine and also to allow routine inspection of the barrel rollers.

A spokesperson for Stelex commented: ‘We moved away from the traditional designs of the trommel to include important changes that improve the operation and also keep the machine at the right market price. It was clear that some customers still wanted the option of a chain drive system over the newer ‘live drive’ system and now they have that option.  

‘With the quarrying industry still not back at the levels before the financial crash it is necessary to offer more machine options to the customer who is looking to maximize their existing quarry reserves or has a new rip-rap type project.  

‘Customers are keen to get everything they can from their existing reserves and a trommel can definitely help to minimize waste and produce an extra income. Customers also want to fulfil their sustainability obligations for the future’.

The options are limited for a machine that can handle large input sizes and large product sizes at high tonnages but the HT182C can achieve both of these.

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