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More Bell ADTs for CA Blackwell

Bell B40D dumptruck

Four 50-tonne articulated dumptrucks at the heart of new 12-machine order for leading earthmoving specialist

IN response to securing several new contracts – including the Hemerdon tungsten mining project – and repeat business wins, earthmoving specialists CA Blackwell have purchased 12 new articulated dumptrucks from Bell Equipment, including four Bell B50Ds – the largest ADT available on the market.

While the four 50-tonne machines are set to guarantee high performance for Blackwell, with their impressive tonnes/litre ratios, all-wheel drive, high suspension travel, and ability to perform in every weather condition, the company has also selected four Bell B30Es, together with the same number of B40Ds, bringing the total number of Bell ADTs within the Blackwell fleet up to 39.

‘It’s great that construction projects around the UK appear to be gaining impetus once more, making it a good time for us to invest in the latest robust, reliable ADT equipment from Bell, with the titan that is the B50D being no exception,’ said David Lancashire, plant manager with CA Blackwell. ‘We’ve been awarded a number of new contracts recently, and have needed more trucks to deal with the workload, which is why, again, we’ve turned to Bell.’

Machine performance and cost-efficiency are central to Blackwell’s continuing choice of Bell machines. In particular, the company says it benefits from the proprietary Fleetmatic system integral to all Bell ADTs. This allows plant managers to monitor the efficiency of each machine, helping to streamline operations and maximize returns. The system, with its satellite coverage, creates automated production reports and efficiency alerts.

‘We’ve relied on Bell to provide us with payload information for our ADTs for many years, and with this recent purchase, will continue to do so,’ said Mr Lancashire. ‘It’s an extremely effective way to keep track of problems such as engine over-speed or excessive fuel consumption, which can be costly and need addressing as soon as possible. Since such matters are so easily identifiable, we can quickly alert drivers to the problem and retrain them if necessary, saving money on fuel and preventing damage to the engine.’

The new acquisitions are already being put through their paces, with the B50Ds and B40D working on a major project near Plymouth, performing long-haul muck-shifting duties constructing Europe’s largest tailings dam at Hemerdon, in preparation for the mining and processing of the tungsten deposit there. Meanwhile, the B30Es have been set to task across various sites in England and Scotland, as Blackwell’s older machines begin to be replaced with new, state-of-the-art kit.

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