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Michelin unveil new XTRA DEFEND tyre

Michelin Xtra Defend

Earthmover tyre manufacturer launches damage-resistant E4 tyre range for articulated dumptrucks

PRODUCED for articulated dumptrucks (ADTs) with payloads between 25 and 45 tonnes, the new Michelin XTRA DEFEND premium E4 deep-tread tyre has been specially designed to deliver improved robustness to minimize damage and machine downtime, and optimize operating costs.

Initially available in 23.5 R 25 and 29.5 R25 sizes, Michelin say new range will meet the challenges and requirements of an E4 ADT tyre in all applications and conditions. The XTRA DEFEND is designed to perform and improve productivity both in the harsh, aggressive environments of mines and quarries, and in the high-speed/high-cycle activities of construction and public works.

The tyre takes its name from the much-improved robustness and damage resistance, which are the result of 15% thicker sidewalls and the casing’s increased resistance to penetrations, with the Michelin XTRA DEFEND capable of driving over a 172mm spike without sustaining a puncture – 16mm more protection than its premium competitors.

Having improved the robustness and strength of the casing, and with 15% thicker sidewalls, this ‘protective shield’ has allowed the tread depth of the tyre to be increased. The 29.5 R 25 XTRA DEFEND tread pattern, for example, is 65mm deep – 5mm more than its predecessor, the X-Super Terrain+. Moreover, the overall volume of rubber used in the tread has been increased by 17% compared with the X-Super Terrain+.

According to Michelin, both of these improvements result to a 15% increase in tyre life. Yet despite these improvements to the tyre, Michelin say ADT productivity – maximizing speed and load carried – has not been impacted: the tonnes km/miles per hour (TKPH) of the new tyre is the same as the previous generation, and higher than its competitors.

The Michelin XTRA DEFEND will be available in replacement markets in the fourth quarter of this year, and for OEM specifications from the first quarter of 2018. Next year will also see the introduction of 26.5 R 25, 750/65 R 25 and 875/65 R 29 sizes.

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