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MCERTS approval for TSI Environmental DustTrak monitors

TSI Environmental DustTrak monitor

Certified models provide assurance that PM monitoring data are accurate and reliable

ASHTEAD Technology have announced that the TSI Environmental DustTrak aerosol monitors in their fleet of particulate matter (PM) monitors have achieved MCERTS approval.

‘As evidence of the health effects associated with PM10 and PM2.5 exposure continues to mount, this certification provides assurance that monitoring data are accurate and reliable,’ said Ashtead’s Josh Thomas.

‘An MCERTS certificate demonstrates compliance with the performance requirements of the Environment Agency, which means that these instruments are ideal for monitoring PM from construction projects, traffic and industrial sources.’

With a cloud-based data-management system, the Environmental DustTrak provides users with easy access to real-time data on dust levels, with the optional addition of other sensors.

Users can set alarm conditions so that text and email alerts are issued when threshold levels arise.

Available in three configurations, the MCERTS-certified models are capable of monitoring PM Total, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 mass fractions simultaneously.

The latest version is equipped with a heated inlet, allowing longer run times, increased accuracy and the ability to measure in a wider variety of temperatures and humidity.

‘Environmental DustTrak units are quick and easy to set up and run, with remote web-enabled access helping to reduce operating costs, and MCERTS approval providing confidence in the data,’ said Mr Thomas.

Ashtead Technology offer the TSI range of Environmental DustTrak aerosol monitors for sale or hire as single or multiple units.

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