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Martin Engineering introduce the QB1 Cleaner HD

Conveyor belt cleaner

Patented conveyor belt cleaner designed to last longer and reduce total ownership cost

SIGNIFICANT investment in tooling and product engineering by Martin Engineering has produced a patented conveyor belt cleaner that is projected to reduce the cost of ownership by cleaning better and lasting longer.

A lower purchase price was also one of the primary goals in designing the Martin QB1 Cleaner HD, achieved by adopting state-of-the-art roll-forming equipment as part of Martin Engineering’s manufacturing capabilities.

‘Rather than fabricating the main frame from individual steel profiles welded together, the frame for the new design is roll formed out of a single piece of steel, which produces an extremely strong and durable componet,’ explained Paul Harrison, director of the Conveyor Products Business Group.

‘The process eliminates the time-consuming steps of having to weld any portion of the frame, which also contributes to the reduced purchase price.’

Said to be one of the most comprehensive patents the company has ever been awarded, protection covers the main frame design, manufacturing process and attachment method.

The new cleaner features Martin Engineering’s constant angle radial pressure (CARP) technology, which maintains the most efficient cleaning angle throughout service life, and a no-tool replacement process that can be performed safely by one person in less than 5 min.

‘We’ve simplified the manufacturing process and also re-engineered the blade itself,’ continued Mr Harrison. ‘The new profile is less complex to produce, and because it can be roll formed or manufactured on a press brake, it will be easier to source throughout the world from any Martin Engineering manufacturing site.’

The new design also features a special alignment system to facilitate extremely precise installation. ‘One of the most common problems we see in the field is primary cleaners installed in the wrong position,’ said senior product specialist Dave Mueller. ‘This cleaner was engineered for easy, accurate installation.’

The product announcement comes hard on the heels of introduction of Martin Engineering’s ‘Forever Guarantee’, which ensures lifetime no-cost replacement of tensioners and main frames for any belt cleaner assemblies that are exclusively fitted with the company’s replacement blades.

The Martin QB1 Cleaner HD can be retrofitted on to any existing Martin Engineering tensioners, as well as most competitive systems.

In addition to its cost advantages, the QB1 HD design features a square main frame positioned to shed dust and spillage. The urethane blade formulation can accommodate belt speeds of up to 4.6m/sec and service temperatures from –40°C to 70°C.

The QB1 HD is available in lengths from 18in to 96in (457mm to 2,438mm) and can also be ordered in 10ft (3.05m) sections, allowing distributors or customers to cut to length for increased versatility.

The new design is one of the many belt cleaners covered by the company’s new Mr Blade programme, under which Martin Engineering’s mobile technicians provide fresh, factory-direct replacement blades, delivered and custom-fitted on-site, free of charge.

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