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LIKUFIX system available for larger loaders

Liebherr LIKUFIX

Liebherr quick-coupler now an option on four small wheel loaders and several large XPower machines

LIEBHERR’s fully automatic LIKUFIX quick-change system, an in-house development that is well established with the company’s hydraulic excavators, has also proven itself in Liebherr’s medium-sized series of wheel loaders in recent years.

A solution that comes into its own in operations involving multiple work tools, the LIKUFIX quick-coupler system allows the excavator or wheel loader operator to safely and conveniently change mechanical and hydraulic working tools at the push of a button from the safety of the cab.

Now, Liebherr have increased the availability the system for additional wheel loader models. In addition to the L 526, L 538 and L 546 medium-sized loaders, LIKUFIX is also available for the L 506 and L 508 compact loaders, for the L 507 and L 509 stereo loaders, as well as for XPower large wheel loaders up to the L 580.

Liebherr’s smaller wheel loaders, from the L 506 to the L 509, are known as versatile all-rounders, and with LIKUFIX their flexibility is increased even further. The operator can, for example, switch between a hydraulic four-in-one folding shovel, a forklift or a sweeper attachment within seconds at the push of a button. The hydraulic lines are connected automatically and reliably with LIKUFIX, which means no valuable time is lost.

Working with hydraulic tools such as high-dump buckets, buckets with hold-down devices or separator buckets is typical of Liebherr’s larger wheel loaders, which is why the company is also offering the fully automatic quick-change system for its larger XPower models.

The LIKUFIX quick-change system is designed for arduous applications. The hydraulic coupling is supported by springs, which means the forces that act on the quick-coupler are not transferred to the coupling system. According to Liebherr, even with long periods of use, the connections between the hydraulic circuits remain absolutely tight.

Moreover, to make maintenance easier, all moving parts are easily accessible and, if necessary, customers can easily carry out cleaning and simple maintenance activities, such as changing a seal.

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