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Kleemann introduce SPECTIVE CONNECT

SPECTIVE components

All relevant mobile crushing plant process information and reporting now available via smartphone

KLEEMANN’s innovative digital operating concept SPECTIVE has optimized crusher plant control, but with the new SPECTIVE CONNECT app extension, the company has gone one step further. All relevant process information and reporting can now be displayed on an Android or iOS smartphone without the operator having to leave the excavator feed machine.

The crushing plant is started using the 12in SPECTIVE touch panel on the machine. The intuitive operating concept makes it easy for users to select the necessary settings. Once set, the plant (or plant train) runs in automatic mode.

Radio remote controls have been integrated into the SPECTIVE system. Using the large radio remote controller, plants can be moved from the low loader and the set-up procedure carried out conveniently and at a safe distance from the machine, whilst the small radio remote controller can be used to execute all relevant operational functions from the excavator.

In most cases, the operator no longer has to leave the cab or interrupt the ongoing process as they can detect, via their smartphone, when the diesel fill level is low and order fresh supplies directly from the cab, and can also see the machine utilization rate at a glance and, therefore, regulate loading. In addition, the operator can obtain an overview of both the infeed and the complete crushing plant, via the machine’s camera system, on their smartphone display.

In the case of a malfunction, SPECTIVE CONNECT will display not only a general fault message, but also targeted information on the corresponding components, including troubleshooting aids. The smartphone can be taken to the location of the fault to support the operator step by step with fault elimination. Moreover, the SPECTIVE CONNECT app automatically generates clearly arranged reports on consumption and plant performance as well as the plant usage, which can be forwarded by messenger or e-mail.

SPECTIVE CONNECT is currently available as an option for the new Kleemann Mobicat MC 110(i) EVO2 jaw crusher and the new Mobicone MCO 90(i) EVO2 cone crusher, with further SPECTIVE machines being equipped or retrofitted gradually.

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