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Hyundai launch new 160D-9L fork-lift truck

Hyundai 160D-9L fork-lift truck

Latest heavy-duty model designed to fill the gap between the 160D-9 and 180D-9 units

HYUNDAI Construction Equipment have expanded their fork-lift truck range with the addition of a new heavy-line, diesel-powered model – the 160D-9L. Filling the gap between the 160D-9 and 180D-9 models, the new truck has been designed to offer an increased load capacity, extra safety, cost-effectiveness and operator comfort.

The 160D-9L provides a lift capacity of 16 tonnes and a 1,200mm load centre, while the chassis is the same as the 18-tonne 180D-9 unit. The newer model is 30cm shorter than the 180D-9, which is a key advantage where working space is an issue.

Powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine that delivers an output of 122kW at 2,300 rev/min, the 160D-9L fork-lift is designed for heavy-duty application, such as concrete products.

The Stage IV-compliant Cummins engine is also ultra-low in emissions, thanks to a diesel oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic reactor, where Ad Blue is used as an additive. Other advantages of the high-output engine include: increased acceleration; improved gradeability; and a faster travel speed on tough terrain/slope.

The machine is equipped with a fully automatic ZF transmission and a Kessler front axle for easy handling and smooth operation. The 160D-9L fork-lift truck also boasts a load-sensing hydraulic system featuring Bosch Rexroth variable-displacement pumps that ensure power is used more efficiently. This helps reduce fuel consumption, which can equate to 5–10% savings, depending on the application.

The newly designed cabin is said to provide excellent all-round visibility and plenty of space for operator comfort. The cab also benefits from a reduction in noise levels.

As well as operator comfort, the 160D-9L fork-lift comes with advanced safety features, including a speed limiter, enhanced mirror positioning, an optional rear-view camera and a new electric handbrake system with an anti-roll back function.

There is also an optional load indicator that checks pressure in the lift cylinder to calculate the weight on the forks. The load is indicated on an advanced LCD digital display and, if an overload occurs, the operator is alerted by a warning sound while the display monitor shows the weight of the load flashing red.

To prevent the machine being operated by non-qualified personnel and to protect the truck from theft, there is an engine start limit feature where personal activation with an entrance code is required.

The fork-lift truck also benefits from an electro-hydraulic tilting cabin system that allows trouble-free access to all main components and makes servicing of all power train components quick and easy.

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