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Horizontal crushing from Hazemag

Hazemag say their range of horizontal-flow primary crushing plants represent a viable alternative to conventional vertical-flow crushers for the quarrying industry.

One recent example of a successful application is the use of a semi-mobile impact roll crusher plant that included an integrated roller screen, which had been supplied to Zementwerk Leube GmbH, a leading Austrian building materials company,

The unit’s compact, semi-mobile design and its ability to achieve high throughput and accept large feed sizes up to 1.2m were all key factors in the Leube’s decision to invest in the Hazemag plant for handling limestone at a rate of 600–800 tonnes/h.

The crusher plant is equipped with a 15m³ feed hopper, which is fed by front-end loaders. According to Hazemag, the unique technology of the horizontal-flow negates the need for a bench edge or a loading ramp, allowing quick and easy relocation of the plant. The complete unit is simply towed into position and can be working in less than 30min, without the need for special foundations.

The material is conveyed from the feed hopper via a solid chain conveyor to the crushing chamber. The roller screen is integrated into the chain conveyor and provides primary screening of up to 120mm.

Feed material greater than 120mm is reduced by the impact roll crusher to conveyor-sized dimensions with a grain composition of k98 = 250mm. In doing so, the end product will only contain up to a 17% maximum grain size range of 0–16 mm.

The roll of the crusher is fitted with seven adjustable impact elements — three on one side and four on the same plane on the other side. These impact elements crush the material directly on to the chain conveyor as it is fed into and through the crushing chamber. The crushed limestone is then fed to the discharge belt, which transports the material, via a downstream mobile conveyor plant, to the secondary crushing plant.

The compact design of the plant means that powered tracks are not required, eliminating the need for a diesel generator. For Leube, the crusher plant was assembled in the quarry and the first test runs, with and without material, were carried out within10 days. After making some fine adjustments, the customer’s target values of throughput rate and fine grain size were satisfactorily achieved.


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