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Holcim representative resigns as vice-president of Cembureau

BENOIT-Henri Koch, member of the Holcim Executive Committee, has tendered his resignation as vice-president of Cembureau, the representative organization of the cement industry in Europe.

Mr Koch’s decision to step down is said to be rooted in Holcim’s fundamental disagreement with Cembureau’s approach towards climate change regulation and, in particular, its position on CO2 benchmarking for phase 3 of the EU Emissions Trading System.

Holcim say it is their sincere hope that this situation, which is unprecedented in Cembureau’s history, will initiate a process of reflection and ultimately lead the industry organization to change its course.

Until then, Holcim say they do not feel able to continue in a leadership position within Cembureau, although they are willing to continue to participate in other Cembureau activities.

This issue aside, Holcim have stated that they will continue their efforts in the climate protection task force of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

According to the company, the proactive climate-related initiatives of the CSI have significantly contributed to the sustainable development awareness and reputation of the cement industry.

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