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Government urged to rethink aggregates tax proposals


"WITH the 2001 Finance Bill reaching its final stages in the House of Commons, the Quarry Products Association and the British Aggregates Association have called on MPs from all major parties to urge the Government to reconsider its aggregates tax proposals. Both trade associations believe there is widespread political support for the concerns of the quarrying industry regarding the adverse economic and environmental impacts of the proposed tax."

"In support of the industry’s stance, the Conservatives have tabled an amendment to remove the aggregates tax from the Finance Bill, while the Liberal Democrats have tabled a new clause which would have the effect of introducing a scheme of tax rebates for operators demonstrating good environmental performance. Many individual Labour MPs have also supported the industry’s concerns about the tax."

"QPA director general Simon van der Byl commented: ‘There is now clear evidence that our concerns about the tax have welcome cross-party support in the House of Commons, including all parties in Northern Ireland and the Scottish National Party."

"‘We are urging the Government to listen to the concerns of our members and meet us, at the very least, halfway, by amending the Bill to ensure the introduction of a rebate scheme at the same time as the tax.’"

"Making a stand for rural Britain, the BAA has called on MPs to put the plight of the countryside first. Association director Robert Durward said: ‘It has now become obvious that the aggregates tax will not achieve its stated purpose of protecting the environment, however its impact on the fragile rural economy will be nothing short of disastrous.’"

"Calling on Parliament to listen to the concerns of rural Britain, Mr Durward said that if the Government chose to remove the aggregates tax from the Finance Bill, it would, at a stroke, give a tremendous boost to rural communities after the pain of recent months."


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