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Glacier ARM enter a new age


WASTE-management company Onyx have reached a new stage in the development of their Aggregates Sector Recycling business by taking an equity stake in Glacier ARM, thereby becoming a majority shareholder alongside Lafarge.

Glacier was originally a joint-venture operation between Lafarge Cement and Swiss firm Geodur, with the aim of identifying and blending mineral-based wastes for use as alternative raw materials (ARMs) in cement manufacture.

For the past two years Onyx and their Aggregate Sector Recycling business unit have worked as a sourcing partner for the Glacier business, diverting wastes currently entering landfills for use in cement production and other applications.

Many of the raw materials used in cement production are found in waste streams such as air-filter dusts and filtrates from water treatment and other industrial processes. By careful selection, recovery and treatment, these materials can be used as ARMs, thereby reusing valuable mineral resources and reducing cement kiln SOx and NOx emissions.

The move by Onyx will secure the funds needed by Glacier for the progressive development of a series of regional waste-processing centres, the first of which has already been established in Sheffield, with a second to be set up at Avonmouth, principally to supply ARMs to Westbury and Aberthaw cement works.


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