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Fuel efficiency drives new Bell ADT order for RecyCoal

Bell B40D dumptruck

Waste coal recovery firm invests in six new Bell articulated dumptrucks at its Rossington Colliery

DONCASTER-based RecyCoal have taken delivery of six new Bell B40D ADTs for use at their Rossington Colliery. Operating a business that focuses around the recovery of waste coal from active and abandoned mines and spoil heaps, RecyCoal are in the process of increasing production at Rossington Colliery.

As such, the company researched the market to source machines capable of achieving ‘environment-led’ coal recovery, including excavation of the tip material and replacement of processed discard to regenerate the original tip into a public amenity with increased access and many new wildlife habitats.

‘We made a key decision to up production at Rossington Colliery, resulting in the implementation of an extensive two-year project, designed to be lean, effective and completed by the end of 2016,’ explained Andy Foster, mobile plant manager at RecyCoal. ‘To best achieve this, we decided existing machines needed to be replaced, but didn’t want to rush into an ill-considered decision so chose the initial step of conducting extensive preliminary fuel trials.’

Mr Foster advised RecyCoal to arrange trials for the Bell B40D ADT and other competitor models to determine the best truck for the job. Using the results of the trials, combined with a compound decision-making approach, the coal recovery firm was able to analyze the advantages of different machines more meticulously.  

Mr Foster commented: ‘We compared the fuel efficiency of the Bell B40D with the other machines for a week. Our fuel trials were extensive and went to show just how much leaner the Bell machine was; proving to be more economical per hour and per tonne, as well as less expensive to purchase in the first instance.’

RecyCoal have been so impressed with the Bell B40D machines that they have invested in another six new Bell ADTs. Nick Learoyd, managing director of Bell Equipment UK, said: ‘The request for so many Bell machines as preference to those of a major manufacturer is commendation indeed for our vehicles; their design, efficiency and capabilities. We’re delighted with the order and are confident that the supplied equipment will completely fulfil RecyCoal’s extensive requirement.’

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