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Flexco introduce MHP heavy-duty precleaner

Flexco MHP precleaner

Flexco have announced the addition of the MHP Precleaner to their line of heavy-duty belt cleaners. The new unit features the largest and most abrasion-resistant urethane blade offered by the company. 

Multiple material path options and extended pole lengths ensure the cleaner is well suited to each application. The large blade on the MHP Precleaner provides extended life, allowing it to run for longer and more efficiently. The variety of material path options and a faceted profile design with continuous blade edge renewal enhances cleaning efficiency throughout the life of the blade. 

Routine visual maintenance checks are now easier, thanks to the molded-in wear line on the Flexco MegaShear blades. The rugged three-piece pile design on the MHP Precleaner provides additional strength and extended pile lengths to fit varying conveyor/chute wall widths. Dual tensioners come as standard for both spring (PST) and air/nitrogen (PAT) systems. 

The cleaner is made from heavy-duty steel with corrosion-resistant powder coating and is appropriate for use in rugged applications. ‘When combined with the MHS secondary cleaner, a system is developed that delivers maximum cleaning power to get the job done,’ said Ryan Grevenstuk, product manager for Flexco. ‘In applications where excess water is present, a third component, the MDWS Dry Wipe, can also be incorporated.’

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