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[email protected] gets green light from Chepstow Plant

LEADING hire firm Chepstow Plant (International) have purchased three new Bell articulated dumptrucks following successful trials of the truck manufacturer’s innovative [email protected] fleet-management system.

Last year Chepstow Plant were the first Bell operators in the UK to purchase a fleet of Bell ADTs fitted with a brand new system of warning lights. The company took delivery of seven mid-range ADTs, two of which were fitted with the lights, which link directly to the [email protected] monitoring system.

The experiences of both Chepstow and their customers in using the GPS-based system proved so positive that three further B25D trucks have now been delivered – all incorporating [email protected].

John Corcoran, managing director of Chepstow Plant (International), said: ‘[email protected] has certainly played a big part in the growth of our Bell fleet. The sheer accuracy of the [email protected] data means we can be totally transparent with our customers, giving them the tools to forecast their business operations with confidence. I’ll now be looking to standardize all future orders with [email protected] fitted.’

[email protected] allows Bell ADT owners to monitor every aspect of their machine’s performance via GPS satellite technology. Fleet owners can access all measurable data – from idling time and weigh loads to speed and fuel efficiency – on their PCs or laptops from anywhere in the world. The data is delivered by email to their computers in user-friendly spreadsheet format, at intervals to suit the operator.

A GPS mapping system also allows the operator to track the precise location and movement of each [email protected]-enabled machine on an almost real-time basis. The system also now includes the ability to draw a virtual ‘geofence’ of any radius around a work site – if the machine goes outside the virtual boundary the owner is immediately alerted.

The [email protected] system is the only fleet-management system in the world which is currently set up to provide the link between machine performance and operational productivity – allowing users to make informed decisions leading to average productivity improvements of up to 5%.

Mr Corcoran said he had been analysing data from his fleet of Bell trucks twice a week, but was so impressed by the accuracy of the data that he expected this to reduce to just once a week in the near future.

He said: ‘We are constantly measuring the quality of the information coming through – and it is pretty much spot on. And the new warning lights system is clearly well geared up to improve site efficiency and avoid repeated overloading.’

The warning lights allow site operators to see when a full load has been reached. Each machine is fitted with a set of red, amber and green weigh lights on the cab roof, signifying whether a load is above, at or below its optimum weight capacity. The lights are connected to Bell’s unique on-board weighing system, which is linked to the [email protected] system.

At Hillhead 2007, the newly upgraded [email protected] system will form part of a demonstration of Bell Equipment’s dedication to ‘value commitment’. Also taking its place on stand V1 will be the new 30-tonne Bell B30D HP articulated dumptruck. On show for the f

The Bell line-up at Hillhead will be completed by the new G2-series version of the 50-tonne B50D ADT, as well as the popular B40D and B35D models and the standard B30D and B25D units, together with the company’s 4206D tracked industrial scraper tractor.

Bell Equipment are the official sponsors of the visitor viewing platforms at Hillhead 2007.


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