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First diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie for J.A. Jackson

Bucket Bundie

ACE Plant deliver first unit capable of handling both diesel and AdBlue at the same time

J.A. Jackson Quarries & Recycling Ltd have recently added the first combined diesel and AdBlue Bucket Bundie fuel bowser to their fleet.

Supplied by Ace Plant, manufacturers of the well-known ‘Bundie Bowser’ fuel storage range, it is the first Bucket Bundie unit capable of carrying both fluids at the same time – a capability that, until now, has only been seen in Ace Plant’s static, site tow, and road tow ranges.


J.A. Jackson liked the fact that the Bucket Bundie can be transported by existing site machinery without the need for a tractor. Moreover, the unit removes the need for lifting chains and means the operator no longer needs to leave the safety of the cab to attach the chains.

The Bucket Bundie features a patented bucket loading system with special slots above the support legs that allow a wheel loader operator to easily pick up and move the bowser using the machine’s front bucket.

With the loader bucket crowded back, the Bucket Bundie is held securely for safe transport across rough ground, a combination that is said to work much better than a towed bowser, which can be difficult to move and reverse on such terrain.

J.A. Jackson say the Bucket Bundie will be a real benefit to their business, resulting in less risk of contamination, eliminating the use the five-gallon drums, and making refuelling a faster and safer processes with less risk of spillage.

The Bucket Bundie bowser is available in three different capacities: 450 litres, 1,000 litres and 2,250 litres.


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