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Dyckerhoff Basal opt for Liebherr Mobilmix 3.5

Liebherr Mobilmix 3.5 concrete mixing plant

Highly mobile concrete mixing plant proves its capabilities at lock construction site in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM is one of the most important ports in Europe, but to make it accessible for new generations of ships with even larger dimensions, the largest lock in the world is being built in Ijmuiden, at the southern end of the 27km long North Sea Canal that connects Amsterdam with the sea.

The €700 million construction project involves the supply of approximately 300,000 cubic metres of concrete, with the new lock due to be opened for shipping at the beginning of 2022.

For Dyckerhoff Basal, one of the largest suppliers of ready-mixed concrete and cement in the Netherlands, a theoretical output capacity of up to 150 cubic metres per hour was an essential requirement for the concrete mixing plant, to reliably cover delivery peaks throughout the day.

Dyckerhoff Basal selected a Liebherr Mobilmix 3.5-C plant, which, thanks to its containerized design and installation on steel foundations, makes it well suited to quick installation and site relocation within four days.

The Mobilmix 3.5-C is equipped with a robust Liebherr DW 3.5 twin-shaft mixer which is particularly suitable for short-term recipe changes and ensures optimum concrete homogeneity thanks to its three-dimensional mixing principle.

Also, thanks to its integrated insulation, the plant is optimally equipped for winter operation, whilst all components are easily accessible for maintenance by way of steps and platforms that offer generous space for tools and working equipment.

The plant is operated intuitively via a Liebherr Litronic-MPS control system and PC workstation.

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