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DB Concrete take first Liebherr ‘Combi’ 

THE first Liebherr LTB 12+4+1 concrete conveyor in the UK has gone to ready-mixed concrete suppliers D.B. Concrete of Ardleigh, near Colchester, Essex. Mounted on a Mercedes Actross 3241K chassiscab, the conveyor is matched with a Liebherr HTM 804L drum assembly.

D.B. Concrete run a fleet of truckmixers in the Colchester area and, for a number of years, have successfully operated a truckmixer-mounted conveyor, as company owner Dave Baxter explained: ‘We only keep our vehicles for five years and, in a replacement programme this year, we’ve gone for two new Liebherr truckmixers – a 7 cu m model and an 8 cu m model – taking the larger HTM 804L truckmixer with a new conveyor, which is our first from Liebherr.

‘What attracted us to the Liebherr equipment was the integrated nature of this combination, its versatility and the build quality,’ he said.

‘We like to offer a range of readymix delivery systems to our local customer base. This includes added benefits, such as 9m extended chutes, and we also run a concrete pump. This new conveyor fills the distance gap for accurate and efficient delivery of concrete and is a real sales and marketing asset in maintaining our reputation for versatility on the many sites in the area to which we deliver.’

The Liebherr LTB 12+4+1 truckmixer conveyor is capable of reaching between 11.2m and 16.2m, and features a middle and head telescoping section for precise placement. Maximum conveying height and depth is 7.5m and 6.0m respectively. With a belt width of 360mm and a variable belt speed of up to 3.5m/s (the belt is driven by load-sensing hydraulic pump), the conveyor can place up to 70 cu m per hour and the entire unit can slew between 160° and 240°. For complete stability during discharge and placement, the LTB comes equipped with hydraulically controlled rear outriggers, ensuring that the entire vehicle is both stable and level.

For operational convenience, accuracy and safety, D.B. Concrete have taken the Liebherr conveyor with an optional wireless remote control system. This allows the driver to activate both the truckmixer drum and conveyor remotely, providing control of all belt functions, the discharge chute, vehicle engine on/off and stepless regulation of the drum speed. An emergency button immediately de-activates the entire operation if necessary.

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