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CIG demands an end to political deadlock in NI

Gordon Best

United voice of the construction industry calls for an end to the impasse in Northern Ireland politics

REPRESENTATIVES from Northern Ireland’s leading construction industry bodies have this week met with politicians from the main parties to express their anger and frustration at the ongoing political deadlock at Stormont and its immediate and long-term effect on jobs and investment within the sector.

Gordon Best, regional director of the Quarry Products Association Northern Ireland (QPANI), said: ‘Yesterday, Construction Industry Group (CIG) representatives speaking on behalf of contractors, suppliers, professionals and sub-contractors, went to Stormont to communicate our members’ concerns and frustrations over the negative impact the stalemate is having on the wider construction sector.

‘We are grateful to the construction industry spokespersons from the political parties for meeting us and pleased they have committed to take our concerns to the highest levels within their parties.

‘Our politicians must understand that the political uncertainty is deterring economic investment, having a direct impact on jobs in construction, and creating a mass migration of skilled workers out of Northern Ireland.

‘The industry is concerned about the current and future levels of capital spend and what infrastructure projects the Northern Ireland Executive will commit to.’

Mr Best (pictured) added: ‘The construction industry, in its widest context, is a driver of economic growth and must be at the centre of economic policy. The current political uncertainty is delaying investment, undermining confidence and forcing many companies to find work in other parts of the UK, causing a skills migration.

‘This will make the recovery in Northern Ireland all the more difficult if and when demand eventually picks up again. We would encourage our politicians to work hard to resolve the political deadlock before confidence further deteriorates.

‘The prize for political agreement and stability is enormous and future generations will thank them for it,’ said Mr Best.

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