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CDE Global launch new RotoMax log-washer

CDE Global have launched the new RotoMax RX150 log-washer, a third-generation dual-shaft system incorporating several new features designed to maximize attrition and minimize cost of ownership.

The most significant new development relates to the construction and arrangement of the shafts and paddles within the unit. The paddles on the RX150 are constructed from high-chrome cast iron. This is the same type of material used in impact crushers and, according to CDE, far exceeds the specification of paddles on other log-washers available on the global market.

‘The specification of high-chrome cast iron for the paddles ensures material within the system is subjected to the highest possible levels of attrition while also ensuring maximum resistance to abrasion,’ said CDE senior design engineer Kevin Vallelly. ‘Other log-washers use a lower specification material for the paddles, which leads to much higher wear and creates significantly higher maintenance costs as they need to be replaced much more frequently.’

Another design innovation on the new RotoMax system is the fan arrangement of the paddles on each of the shafts. Each paddle is off-set from the previous one and they are configured in such a way that the blades intermesh with each other as the shafts rotate. According to CDE, this offers greater protection to the shafts, bearings and gearbox by ensuring a consistent load on the bearings rather than intermittent high impact between all the paddles and the material being processed.

The RotoMax RX150 has a capacity of 150 tonnes/h and can be used to process of a variety of materials, including sand and gravel, crushed rock, construction and demolition waste, and various mineral ores. The system is already operational on a number of projects including two construction and demolition waste recycling projects in England for Grundy & Co Excavations in Widnes and Jacksons in Preston.

CDE will be displaying the new RotoMax RX150 log-washer on their stand at International Mining Machinery Exhibition in Kolkata, India, in November 2010.

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