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Caterpillar and Redbird sign new marketing agreement

Redbird drone

Companies working together to advance work site intelligence with innovative drone analytics

CATERPILLAR have announced a new marketing agreement with Redbird, specialists in the acquisition and analysis of aerial data collected by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, in their Europe, Africa and Middle East region.

The move is part of Caterpillar’s innovation and technology strategy, which sees the company working with key industry players to help its dealers and customers benefit from significant advancements in the fields of data analytics and drone technology.

Caterpillar say Redbird’s ability to both collect drone data and provide analysis of that data using cloud-based proprietary algorithms will offer significant benefits for customers, helping them to become more productive, make better business decisions and optimize their operations.

‘We are always searching for ways to collaborate outside our four walls to give our customers and dealers a competitive edge,’ said George Taylor, vice-president with responsibility for Caterpillar’s Marketing and Digital Division. ‘By joining with companies leading the way in the digital revolution, we have a chance to positively impact our customers’ and dealers’ businesses.’

‘This agreement will help create value for our customers,’ added construction technology and solutions manager John Carpenter. ‘UAV data collection and Redbird’s image-analytics capability will provide customers with a variety of solutions for their operations, such as material inventory management, haul road optimization and project progress, to name a few.’

‘Drones are entering a new phase, with data analytics as the heart of this evolution,’ said Emmanuel de Maistre, chief executive officer and co-founder of Redbird. ‘Our solutions have been developed with leading construction companies and quarry operators for the past two years, helping them extract the real value out of drone data.

‘We are honoured by this collaboration with Caterpillar, which will bring tangible benefits to construction sites, mines and quarries, helping customers work faster and safer.’

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