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Capital Concrete choose Cemfree

Capital Concrete silos

Ready-mixed concrete firm debuts two silos of ultra-low-carbon cement replacement at new London plants

READY-mixed concrete suppliers Capital Concrete have dedicated two 60-tonne silos to Cemfree – a low-carbon alternative to traditional cement that can achieve CO2 savings of up to 88% – at their new batching plants in London. They are currently the only ready-mixed concrete suppliers in the London area to stock Cemfree in this way.

Luke Smith, managing director of Capital Concrete, said: ‘We’ve seen customer interest pick up recently, interest which is clearly linked to the growing importance of environmental considerations in construction build designs.

‘Capital Concrete are now a leading supplier of Cemfree in the London area and we’re able to supply high volumes of this product anywhere in the London market. We have a strong reputation for developing cutting-edge solutions and niche products and Cemfree represented an opportunity to do both simultaneously.

‘Supplying this product to the highest level of quality control is easy at our new state-of-the-art, high-output, wet-batch concrete plants at Silvertown and at Wembley, where we have dedicated a silo at each site exclusively to Cemfree.’

Adam Gittins, commercial manager at Cemfree, added: ‘Cement alternatives have become the ‘holy grail’ in the quest to reduce the carbon expense of producing traditional cement, and while low-carbon technology is already here, the issue could come down to logistics, supply and quality control for contractors.

‘Lately, however, we’ve seen an unprecedented number of enquiries from both ready-mixed concrete and volumetric suppliers who are keen to get Cemfree ‘on tap’, so there is now no reason not to routinely specify a lower-carbon alternative for a build.

‘It’s just a matter of making the right moral choice in the context of a larger environmental issue, especially since all other features of Cemfree stack up as well as, if not better than, those of traditional cement products for the appropriate application.’

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