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Bobcat introduce new backhoe attachment


New-generation attachment offers greater versatility, stability and comfort for Bobcat compact loaders

BOBCAT have launched a new-generation backhoe attachment for the company’s skid-steer and compact track loaders. The new attachment converts a Bobcat loader into a powerful excavator, allowing customers to increase the versatility of their machines and the return on their investment.

The new-generation backhoe attachment is available in four configurations – the two Versatile (V) B32V and B35V models and the two Standard (S) B32S and B35S models – that offer a choice of digging depths, reach and hook-up systems.

The largest model in the range offers a maximum digging depth of 3.3m and a maximum reach of 4m. Unlike the Standard models, the Versatile versions of the backhoe attachment can be equipped with additional hydraulic attachments such as augers and breakers.

Versatility and time-saving efficiency have always been great features of Bobcat compact loaders, with the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, allowing them to be combined quickly and safely with over 100 different families of Bobcat attachments.

Daniele Paciotti, product line manager for Bobcat attachments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: ‘We are seeing increased demand for the backhoe attachment and have added even more versatility with the Versatile V-versions of the new-generation product.

‘They have a double-acting auxiliary line that allows more than 30 Bobcat hydraulic attachments to be used with the backhoe attachment, including augers, breakers, tilt buckets etc. The previous version only allowed for non-hydraulic attachments, such as buckets, to be used. For increased safety and to optimize the lifetime of the attachment, all hoses are now placed inside the boom.’

Operators can therefore transform their loaders into excavators that can dig holes, trenches and foundations, but as a result of the increased versatility offered by the new V-version backhoe attachments, can now add other attachments via the backhoe for applications such as demolition and landscaping.

The V-versions of the backhoe attachment are also equipped as standard with the quick-change Klac mechanical coupling system for even greater productivity. The S-versions of the backhoe attachment have a dedicated pin-on system for changing attachments.

The new backhoe attachment is approximately 100kg lighter than the previous-generation product, providing additional stability for increased safety, and also offers a clear line of sight from the operator’s seat for accurate digging.

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