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Big savings with Audex pontoons and pumps

Bespoke pontoon

Scottish quarry expects to save £8,000 a year with pontoon and pump arrangement from Atlantic Pumps

ATLANTIC Pumps, who say they are always looking to save their clients’ money and energy, recently produced two bespoke pontoons for a quarry in southern Scotland. Each pontoon supports an 8in Audex submersible pump, also supplied by Atlantic Pumps.

According to the quarry manager’s initial calculations, the pump used to top up the plant pond at the quarry will save a minimum of £8,000 a year on diesel, which he is more than happy with.

The team Atlantic Pumps is also delighted with the saving and the project as a whole. ‘From placing the order to point of delivery took only 2–3 weeks, and that includes the building of the two pontoons,’ said sales advisor Mark McCreadie.

He added: ‘Both myself and the rest of the team thoroughly enjoyed working on this job, and we’re really keen to help other quarries make such huge savings.’

Atlantic Pumps offer a range of pontoons to suit various types of pumps, including submersible and horizontal centrifugal units.

The pontoons, which are made to order to suit the customer’s exact requirements and specifications, consist of a heavy-duty mild steel structure which is supported by patented blow-molded plastic buoyancy sections.

According to Atlantic Pumps, the buoyancy sections offer impressive payloads and are extremely hard wearing and robust, while their flexible design allows the option of mounting pumps in various ways to suit all applications.

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