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Belt positioner from Flexco

The Persuader conveyor belt positioner, recently introduced by Flexco, features a simple, field-proven design that ensures correct belt tracking without the belt damage and maintenance problems associated with conventional tracking or training devices.

Working on the conveyor's return side, Persuader 'funnels' the belt into position for centred tracking around the tail pulley. This helps to prevent off-centre belt loading which in turn reduces material spillage and belt damage due to contact with beltline structures.

Persuader uses an inverted pair of angled rollers mounted squarely across the belt in a fixed position, pressing downwards against the return belt's bottom cover. Because contact is only made with the clean underside of the return belt, exposure to fugitive material is minimized.

Four sizes are available to accommodate belt widths from 450mm to 2,400mm (18in to 96in). The largest of these, designated Heavy Duty XL, features heavy-duty rollers and bearings, plus extra bracing components, designed for high-tension steel-cable belts.

Flexco say that Persuader is easily installed on almost any conveyor frame, requiring only four bolts. Its adjustable mounting brackets allow quick and easy interchange between beltlines. Its only moving parts are the two rollers which need only routine inspection and occasional replacement if worn.

Typically, one Persuader unit is installed midway between the last two return idlers approaching the tail pulley. For beltlines with severe mistracking, additional units can be installed at problem areas, or every 30m (100ft) on long conveyors.

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