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Bell Equipment unveil new four-wheel drive concept

Bell B30E 4x4 dumptruck

Company introduce latest addition to their E-series range of articulated dumptrucks

Bell Equipment UK have introduced the latest addition to their E-series range of articulated dumptrucks (ADTs) – the four-wheeled B30E 4x4. The new machine has been designed to complement the company’s existing 6x6 E-series ADTs by offering an alternative to customers who have previously had to choose between tipper trucks, rigid dump trucks and six-wheeled articulated dumptrucks.

With an identical payload to its 6x6 counterpart, the B30E 4x4 has a shorter wheelbase, one less axle and a smaller turning circle, making it an extremely manoeuvrable machine for use in tunnelling, small- to medium-sized quarries and in confined material-handling or stock yards.

Having two axles on the four-wheeled B30E also means there is no continuous tyre scuffing – reducing wear and tear while saving maintenance costs for the operator.  

Although the B30E 4x4 does not have the same extreme off-road capabilities as the 6x6 model, the new ADT still offers impressive all-weather characteristics on slippery, undulating haulage roads and light terrain. The truck’s wet braking system – the front axle being the same as the standard B30E, while the rear axle has a larger set of brakes taken from the B40E – makes it safe and effective in challenging weather conditions.

Based on the current 6x6 B30E model, the 4x4 version shares the same front chassis and oscillation joint, along with the powerful Mercedes Benz engine and six-speed Allison automatic transmission with integrated automatic retarder. 

The B30E 4x4 ADT also benefits from a comprehensive package of productivity, safety and ease of operation features as standard. These features are based on real-time data collection, achieved using the truck’s sensors and controlled by an onboard computer. 

‘The B30E 4x4’s successful design is a culmination of the long-standing experience Bell has in creating solutions for specific customer requirements, and the knowledge gained through the development of the company’s flagship B60E,’ commented Nick Learoyd, managing director of Bell Equipment UK. 

‘We are beginning to see an increase in the number of customers who are recognizing the distinct benefits the 4x4 configuration has to offer, and whilst previously it has been a niche product, it is now being recognized as a genuine haulage solution. 

‘We believe that the economic benefits of the 4x4, combined with its all-round weather ability, will definitely provide a worthy challenger to the rigid dumptruck technology currently dominating in small- to medium-sized quarries.’

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