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Atlas Copco to launch new-generation bucket crushers

Bucket crusher

Latest BC 2500 and BC 3700 models offer up to 80% more productivity than predecessor units

ATLAS Copco will be presenting their new-generation of BC bucket crushers at Bauma 2016.  Designed for carriers between 22-38 tonnes, the robust BC 2500 and BC 3700 models (as an efficient alternative to a mobile jaw crusher) are suitable for use in recycling, small demolition and road construction applications. 

According to Atlas Copco, high resistance to wear and fatigue, and offering greater reliability – despite its significantly reduced maintenance requirements – make the new BC bucket crusher range one of the most reliable items of equipment in its class. 

Capable of processing up to 110 tonnes/h, a unique circular crushing cycle gives the new BC bucket crushers superior performance with up to 80% higher output than the previous models. The advanced twin-drive system comprises two powerful hydraulic motors, providing high levels of torque. 

Full loading capacity can be used without risk of blockages and the absence of slippage during start-up ensures constant power transmission and no extra load on the bearings. Usability and reliability have also been improved thanks to the bucket’s internally mounted drive system providing a narrower shape without comprising loading capacity. 

Among the key features of the BC bucket crusher is the automatic anti-lock mechanism, which provides continuous repositioning of material ensuring that larger pieces are guided automatically in the direction of the crushing jaw. If material is jammed, a reversing function on the bucket crusher allows the operator to change the rotation direction, pushing the material back into the inlet and removing the blockage. 

All types of inert material (asphalt, stone, concrete debris, aggregates etc.) can be crushed and reused on site using a rig-mounted BC bucket crusher. The benefits of using the BC 2500 and BC 3700 units are fewer equipment on site, lower transportation and dumpsite costs and reduced labour, as only one operator is required for handling the bucket crusher.  

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