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Atlas Copco launch new QAS5 generators

Atlas Copco generator

New fifth-generation generators offer reduced noise, emissions, footprints and TCO plus faster paralleling

ATLAS Copco have launched the fifth generation of their flagship QAS generators range. Developed in response to today’s operational challenges, the new QAS5 models are said to offer end-users quieter operation, a 20% smaller footprint than comparable models on the market, reduced engine emissions, faster plug-and-play paralleling, enhanced fuel economy, 24h autonomy and lower total cost of ownership. 

The QAS5 range has been developed to provide generator users with a smooth transition towards the phased adoption of EU Stage V engine emission standards in 2019/20. The first five models in the range are new versions of the QAS 80, 100, 120, 150 and 200 generators.

All models include optimized Stage IIIA engines, a high-capacity fuel tank and integrated variable-speed drive (VSD) motor to power the cooling fan. These features, along with an integrated VSD motor, combine to provide users with an average 5% reduction in fuel consumption compared with the industry average for equivalent models.

With larger-capacity and fully EU Stage V compliant models set to be introduced in the coming years, Atlas Copco say the QAS5 range offers customers a clear pathway towards Stage V adoption and beyond. 

Adrian Ridge, president of Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow division, commented: ‘This year we are celebrating 30 years of leadership and innovation in the realm of mobile generators, and are proud to mark the occasion with the introduction of our QAS5 range.

‘The fifth and latest generation of QAS gensets are designed from the outset to meet end-users’ evolving needs for sustainable productivity, increased operational flexibility and compliance with environmental and regulatory obligations.’

Excessive noise generated by portable energy equipment is becoming increasingly unacceptable in urban environments and industrial work areas. For this reason, QAS5 generators deliver a significant reduction in noise levels and are, on average, 5–8dBA quieter than comparable generators.

The near-silent performance is delivered through a combination of technologies, including the VSD motor-driven fan that adjusts the cooling flow to the specific requirements of the engine. This, along with the enhanced noise attenuation provided via silencers and sound-dampening foams, contributes to lower the noise by up to a fifth, depending on the application and load profile.

The compact QAS5 generators also offer footprints up to 20% smaller than any comparable portable energy equipment. In addition, the gensets are housed on a sturdy base frame with integrated forklift slots, which are capable of withstanding four times the weight of the unit without any deformation. These features combine to make the generators easier to transport and position on site, thereby creating safer working conditions.

Electrical power is often required at immediate notice, and for this reason QAS5 generators are based on a ‘plug-and-play’ connectivity principle that is designed to provide a safe, fast and flexible energy supply with the minimum of operator hassle. Equipped with up to eight sockets, a terminal board and optional power locks, the generators can be powered up within five seconds.

Moreover, for operators who have scalable power requirements, QAS5 generators can be paralleled with each other in less than a minute. This allows for optimum power usage and high levels of on-site power redundancy.

The generators fast-paralleling capabilities are made possible thanks to an innovative Power Management System (PMS). This helps to efficiently manage the generators when they are running in parallel, by starting and stopping units in line with increases or decreases in load.

In this way, the load on each generator remains at a level that optimizes fuel consumption. It eliminates the need for generators to run with low load levels, which can cause engine damage and shorten the life expectancy of the equipment.

Operators can also rely on QAS5 generators for extended periods of autonomy, with all models in the range featuring integrated high-capacity fuel tanks capable of running for up to five working shifts. Service downtime has also been reduced due to a heavy-duty fuel-filtration system with water separator. For added security, the units also feature a lockable external fuel-filling point.

Atlas Copco say the QAS5 range has not only been future-proofed, but also capitalizes on the benefits delivered by advanced digitalization connectivity. For instance, by applying the optional FleetLink telematics system, end-users can realize maximum visibility of their assets location and performance, wherever the generators are in the world.

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