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AI announce new partnership with TWT

Stephanie Hilbourn and Francois Petry

Aggregate Industries outline new shared vision as part of new three-year partnership with The Wildlife Trusts

AGGREGATE Industries have announced a new three-year partnership with The Wildlife Trusts (TWT), which manages thousands of nature reserves and runs marine conservation projects around the UK’s coasts.

Working together, the partnership plans to launch Leadership Awards and a Local Partnership Development Fund, with the aim of enabling innovative on-the-ground projects between Aggregate Industries’ sites and their local Wildlife Trusts.

In order to support the Local Partnership Development Fund, Aggregate Industries have committed a substantial annual budget for projects that focus on wildlife-rich towns and cities, healthy soils and water, and connecting people to wildlife. 

The Leadership Awards, which will celebrate strong strategic and transformational team leadership in both organizations, will run for three years and will be presented annually at an awards ceremony with prizes for the winning sites and individuals.

Donna Hunt, head of sustainability at Aggregate Industries, commented: ‘Aggregate Industries have proudly worked with The Wildlife Trusts for the past 10 years, consistently supporting collective priorities.

‘For the next three years, the focus will shift to our new shared vision – a sustainable construction industry which supports more wildlife and habitats and encourages more people to connect with nature. Working so closely together will enable us to truly support worthwhile projects which have the ability to make a really positive impact on the environment and the communities that interact with it.’

Janel Fone, a director of The Wildlife Trusts, said: ‘We believe that everyone has a part to play in bringing about nature’s recovery. Our strong partnership with Aggregate Industries has been built up over 10 years and we’re delighted to be moving on to the next chapter working together to benefit wildlife, people and communities.’

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Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

Hopefully members will support West of England Technical evening with Somerset Wildlife Trust on 10th Sept at SESC @ Wainwrights

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