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Preventing engine failure

The EngineGuard engine-protection system from Agriemach uses high-tech sensor technology to prevent engine failure caused by overheating.

The engine problems most likely to cause overheating are a reduction in oil pressure or a loss of cooling water in radiators. Either could result in serious and costly engine damage. Using separate sensors, the system ensures both areas are continuously monitored. Should there be a loss of oil pressure, or the water level in radiators drops below a safe level, the relevant sensor will 'kick in' to activate both a warning light and a buzzer for 30s duration, before automatically shutting down the engine.

Different versions of EngineGuard are available to suit individual engine/fuel combinations for petrol, diesel and propane. All diesel versions include an overrule switch and special models are recommended for use in hot climates.

Each system comes complete with full fitting instructions, a control unit, oil-pressure sensor, water-level sensor, warning light and warning buzzer.



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