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ConSpare Ltd

  • ConSpare Ltd work with customers to transform the concrete production process.

    Established in 1978 as a mixer maintenance specialist, the company has evolved to become a key problem-solving partner to the industry in all stages of the concrete production process:

    • Storage
    • Conveying
    • Batching
    • Mixing
    • Discharging

    Our Make it better approach results in improved productivity, safety and product quality for concrete producers. We deliver this through a combination of leading high-performance components and unrivalled expertise to solve batch plant problems, from the start of the process to the finish.

    Whether clients are replacing a single component, looking to improve an existing piece of equipment or upgrading the whole plant, our approach allows us to provide the best performing solution for their specific requirements.

    Improving the concrete production process:

    • Improve storage vessels such as silos, bins, chutes & hoppers:  Silo filling & safety. Material flow aids. Wear & abrasion protection.
    • Improve belt conveyors & screw conveyors:  Cleaning. Tracking. Sealing. Reliability.
    • Improve batching through moisture measurement & control:  In bins, in mixers. Water addition & workability control.
    • Improve mixing:  Mixer replacement. Wear parts & spare parts. Dust control. Cleaning.
    • Improve discharging from mixer to truckmixer / production line:  Specialist flow liners. Wear & abrasion protection. Cleaning. Safety.
    • Improve specialist precast processes:  Block machine and wet press improvement.

    For further information on how we can help improve the concrete production process:

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