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Mobile storage tank ‘first’ for PolyBitumens

Mobile bitumen storage tank

PolyBitumens invest in fleet of bespoke ‘road legal’ mobile storage tanks for bitumen emulsions

PolyBitumens, part of Eurovia UK, have taken delivery of the first ‘road legal’ mobile storage tank in the UK, which will allow the storage of bitumen emulsion at remote sites around the country.

The new bespoke tank, which is part of a £750,000 fleet investment by PolyBitumens over the next two years, has been specifically designed to a reduced width of 2.55m so that it can be legally driven on the UK road network with no requirement for a restricted movement order.

The tank was collected on 2 July and is the first in the UK to have been successfully IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) approved. Two more mobile storage tanks will be completed and ready for collection later this month, with additional investments in more units planned for later this year.

These new tanks will support Eurovia’s Specialist Treatments operations and other clients, providing storage capacity for emulsions that will allow the company’s teams to deliver high-volume outputs throughout the country.

Capable of storing up to 55,000 litres of emulsion per unit, the tanks are fitted with state-of-the-art technology that will allow the tracking of material volumes within the units, which can be monitored remotely from PolyBitumens’ new polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) and emulsion plant at Thurrock, in Essex.

This will allow PolyBitumens to support and manage production and stock control more efficiently, as well as improving the scheduling of deliveries in the future.

Paul Goosey, Eurovia’s production managing director, said: ‘The mobile storage tanks will support our emulsion and bitumen deliveries for our internal contracts and offer a function not currently provided elsewhere within the industry.

‘Having the first road legal unit that can be easily manoeuvred around the country will allow our PolyBitumens and Specialist Treatments businesses to remain agile and flexible to accommodate our service delivery requirements.’

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