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Hanson ready to help mates in need

Mental health training

Trained mental health first-aiders ready to help work colleagues in need of extra support

VOLUNTEERS from across Hanson have completed their training as mental health first-aiders and are ready to help other colleagues in need of extra support. Each person has taken part in an assessed two-day programme and received a mental health first-aider certificate for successfully completing the course.

The training includes how to spot and support those who have mental health concerns and an introduction to situations that can cause them, along with conditions – from depression and eating disorders to the use of drugs and alcohol – and dealing with a traumatic event.

‘The programme is part of our company-wide health and well-being strategy and supports our work with the construction industry’s mental health awareness charity Mates in Mind,’ said Marian Garfield, head of sustainability at Hanson. ‘There was a great response from a call-out for volunteers to train for the role and around 250 people got in touch.’

LGV driver Mark Roberts from Hanson’s Padeswood cement team and Alex Dhan, a second year LEAD apprentice, completed the course and are now qualified mental health first-aiders.

‘It has given me a deeper understanding of how anyone’s mental health can be affected and I hope I can be that extra support in the workplace and be able to give advice on the professional help that is out there,’ said Mr Roberts.

Mr Dhan added: ‘It is one of the best courses I’ve done. We looked into the warning signs of someone who might need help – changes in personality or becoming withdrawn, for example. It was very practical and hard-hitting when you understand the prevalence of mental health issues.’

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